Tender notice on Hungarian public procurement

Public procurement in Hungary is regulated by the Public Procurement Act. According to the law, procurements above HUF 15 000 000 must be publicly advertised (approx. EUR 40.000, USD 43.500 at 20.04.2023 exchange rate).

The minimum time allowed for the preparation of tenders is 30 days in the EU regime and 10-15 days in the national regime.

For non-Hungarian partners, I recommend tenders in the EU regime (in the national regime, 10-15 days is too short for a foreign company to prepare a tender). In the EU regime, 30 days is sufficient.
If your company wants to start in these tenders, the first step is to be informed about these tenders, this is the tender notification service you can order on this site.

If you wish to submit a tender, I will undertake to prepare and submit the tender. The tender will be submitted on behalf of your company, without any intermediary. So, if your company wins the tender, your company will not be a subcontractor, the contract will be concluded directly with the client.

How can I order the tender notice and what will happen after the order is placed?

1) You can place your order on this page:
– fill in the form below,
– indicate the subject of the procurement you are interested in,
– and then click submit (or ‘Küldés’).
2) Once you have placed your order, start the payment process (details on how to pay are below the form)
3) I will send you the Hungarian calls for tenders for the specified subject, which have been published in the EU regime. The language of the calls for tenders is Hungarian, so you will need a translator if you do not have a Hungarian-speaking colleague.


How much does the tender notification service cost?
It costs 50 euros per month. Minimum order quantity is 3 months. So the value of the order is 150 EUR, which you can pay here by credit card or bank transfer:

1) payment by credit card on the Revolut Bank payment page:
– please enter the name of the customer on the bank payment page in the comment;
– the amount you pay: 150 EUR.
Click on the button, the Revolut bank page will open in a new window:

2) payment by bank transfer, 
using the following details:

Beneficiary: Robert Szucs
IBAN: HU55 1210 0011 1001 2284 0000 0000
Bank: Granitbank
Amount: EUR 150
Note: the name of the client given in the form

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